Shauna Brookshier

— Her mantra: "Pay now, Play later."
Go Epic Indoor Cycling is the end result of Shauna's dream to inspire other riders and athletes of all abilities to go beyond themselves and find their own "Epic". Shauna's classes closely mimic riding on the open road with a mix of flats, rolling hills and hill climbs. Her enthusiasm and energetic coaching will get you through them all. You can expect to work hard in her classes and strive for a little more than you thought you could do. It is her true belief you can do more than you think you can! Shauna has a BS in Education-Biology and worked as an Education consultant for many years. She holds indoor cycling certifications from Spinning® and Body Training Systems.

Shauna's ultimate EPIC? A cycling tour through Tuscany. How much better could life be than cycling from village to village immersing yourself in the food and culture that is Tuscany?

Christina McEvoy

— Her mantra: "Fit is not a destination. It is a way of life."
Christina has spent the majority of her life involved with health and fitness. Whether that was competing in a race herself, training and motivating others through Personal Training, teaching group fitness and bootcamp classes, or coaching others to adopt healthier nutritional and wellness practices, Christina has a true passion for health and fitness. That passion was amplified when she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Melanoma only a few short years ago. She is a true testament that a healthy lifestyle paired with a positive attitude and sheer determination gets you far in life (and remission!). Christina has a B.S. in Exercise Physiology, has worked as a Personal Trainer for 14 years, and holds certifications with NASM and Spinning®. Christina is an avid and experienced road cyclist and teaches her classes with a lot of energy, sweat, fun, and motivation! She enjoys mixing up her workouts with lots of high-intensity intervals, hill climbs, speed drills, and even team work! Christina strongly believes that if it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you!

Christina's ultimate EPIC? To ride the Tour de France course! (Ok, maybe not the whole thing.)
Christina is thrilled and honored to be part of the Go Epic team and looks forward to challenging and inspiring others!

Tricia Richter

— Her mantra: "Life is more fun when you're fit!"
Tricia is an avid horseman, archer, runner and cyclist. She's lived and played in Meridian and graduated from BSU. She's been a professional riding instructor, horse show competitor and riding coach for over 25 years. Being a horse trainer requires stamina and endurance of the mind and body. Tricia was introduced to the world of triathlons as well as mountain biking in 2012. I did the 10 mile mountain bike leg of a relay in the Xterra Les Bois off road triathlon (my second mountain bike ride ever) as well as I had many "firsts" in 2012. First 5k, first 10k, first triathlon, first duathlon, first mountain bike ride, first open water swim... fun stuff! She also loves archery and competing in 3D shoots, and hiking in the mountains with a bow, also known as hunting. Tricia is so excited to bring enthusiasm to class and make it the best part of a rider's day!

Tricia's ultimate EPIC? To ride and trek across New Zealand!

Lori Lamers

— Her mantra: "Ride Hard, Finish Strong."
Lori began as a student at Go Epic and decided she had to become an instructor. At Shauna's urging, Lori obtained her certification from Spinning®. Although new to teaching, Lori has been in love with cycling for many years. She loves to teach and creates her classes with a mix of flats, rolling hills and lots of hill climbs. Her enthusiasm will get you through them all. You can expect to work hard in her classes, but you will feel great about yourself when you leave. Lori wants you to get off your bike feeling like you have accomplished something great.

Lori's ultimate EPIC? A summer spent cycling and touring through Italy, especially Sicily and the Amalfi Coast.